“Our strategic partnerships with global technology partners enable us to bring world class 

smart solutions that can readily integrate into end user businesses.”

As a System Integrator, we develop and customize solutions using our tech partner’s stack. 

Robotic Process Automation, RPA Suite

AI / Machine Learning based Process Automation Platform

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a new age technology, refers to software robots that replicate actions or tasks exactly like a human would – making RPA software an ideal application for automating repetitive, manual tasks.

Our RPA Suite is a script less Robotic Process Automation, an ideal blend of automation and artificial intelligence.

AI Test Automation Suite

Noha presents AI Test Suite ,an innovative Artificial Intelligence based enterprise platform that automates entire testing process. This powerful test platform is completely script less and can be used for end-to-end testing of various enterprise applications. It is one of its kind Test Automation platforms available in the world, which performs functional, security and performance testing all without the need for writing scripts or coding.

AI Test Suite is being currently used to automate functional, performance and security testing in almost every software application from web, mobile to ERP's.

Biometric ID Management Solutions

A Biometric Identifier refers to any unique attribute of an individual, either biological or behavioral. This could be a person’s finger or palm print, iris pattern, face, or even vocal patterns and fluctuations. One or several of these identifiers are collected and authenticated using state-of the-art sensors and Artificial Intelligence based algorithms.

Significance of Digital Identity in today's world:
Digital identity assurance will drive most services, such as banking, retail, application for visa or passport, all from a smartphone.

Identity verification becomes a critically important component of KYC and the process of digital onboarding.

Our solutions for eKYC and Video KYC allow digital onboarding and customer verification using face recognition within seconds. The Solutions are based on Tech5’s Artificial Intelligence based Face, Iris & Finger print based algorithms.

As a System Integrator, Noha develops custom solutions based on Tech5’s Top NIST rated Biometric Engine powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Some leading use cases we work on,
National ID, Criminal Investigation, E-KYC, Access Control, Banking Authentication & Fraud Management, Surveillance