A Leading Company from Singapore has developed an innovative Artificial Intelligence based enterprise platform used for testing. This powerful test platform is completely script less and can be used for end-to-end testing of various enterprise applications. 

It is one of its kind Test Automation platforms available in the world, which performs functional, security and performance testing all without the need for writing scripts or coding.

Organizations across the world have reduced their TCO by 60 to 70% when compared with other test automation tools by increasing automation test coverage to nearly 90% using AI Test Suite in no time.

AI Test Suite is being currently used to automate functional testing in the following areas

AI Test Suite is a powerful script-less test automation solution for mainframe applications. 

AI Test Suite supports most 3270 and 5250 terminal emulation products. The text is being keyed into the current cursor location, it captures the business flows with simple steps by intuitive wizards using screen cursor position.

AI Test Suite also has built-in synchronization for mainframes, which means the tester does not have to worry about execution speed or response time: AI Test Suite never gets ahead of the host. There is no need for complicated schemes to watch the status line or timer. 

AI Test Suite proved that analysts can become productive quickly and easily, improving their productivity and expanding test coverage in order to increase product quality and reduce cycle time.

Now Automate testing for SAP Business critical scenarios and robotize repetitive manual/business tasks using AI Test Suite

AI Test Suite enables to create a large library of robust master content with common business process scenarios. These include string scenarios covering major SAP processes such as Order to Cash, Produce to Pay, Hire to Retire, etc. and a wide variety of unit, integration, regression and UAT tests. 

-Now Integrate SAP with any other platform application to manage data flow in automation testing or robotization. 

SAP Regression Testing 

-Integrate automated functional tests into continuous integration builds to ensure that new code and updates to your SAP system don’t break existing functionalities. 

-Since regression testing usually involves large test suites, is highly repetitive and is time intensive, it is a perfect fit for automation. In SAP regression testing, you can automatically run tests with every change to achieve maximum test coverage and efficiency using AI Test Suite , while employing a minimum of resources.

Use AI Test Suite to do scriptless automation testing for a wide range of packaged applications like – SAP/ Oracle applications (E-business/CRM)/ IBM AS400/ SalesForce/ IVR Systems/ Flash or Flex Applications/ Siebel/ BPM Apps (IBM / PEGA)/ Calypso/ Microsoft Dynamics/ CBX/ T-24/ Finacle/ BANCS/ Flexcube/ NetOxygen/ Peoplesoft etc. 

No single scriptless test automation platform supports such a large number of packaged applications.

AI Test Suite extensively supports automatic testing and service virtualization for the Web Services (SOAP, Rest, JSON, XML RPC). 

Using AI Test Suite web services can be parallelly executed and can be tested with different set of data. 

AI Test Suite supports conditional validation of responses as well as JSON extractor path validation in response of a Get or Put API. 

Use AI Test Suite for script less automation testing of Web services/APIs and see for yourself the benefits you will get.

AI Test Suite supports scriptless test automation of various databases like DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, MongoDB or even Excel as database. 

AI Test Suite supports scriptless automation of file based testing as well and supports various file formats like Txt, CSV, XML, XLS, PDF, FTP/SFTP etc

AI Test Suite has extensive inbuilt data parameterization capabilities for test automation. 

Now execute automated test cases using in built capability of AI Test Suite to define and manage Static Test data at Test Environment level, User Level, Test Case level, Module Level etc from any source such as Excel or Database. 

Also, AI Test Suite has extensive capabilities to capture Dynamic Data from any application/Web Service for validation purposes or for later usage. 

AI Test Suite provides comprehensive support for data driven testing, where one can create test data and store it in the data parameterization table or in the external files (Excel, CSV, XMLs) or in Databases. 

AI Test Suite has in-built capability to store multi lingual data.

AI Test Suite helps organizations create, execute and measure Test Automation for Android and iOS applications built using Native or Hybrid or Web environments for various devices. 

Its parallel execution capability allows tests to be executed in parallel with same set or different sets of data. 

AI Test Suite provides ability to create Android and iOS device cloud from windows desktop. It has removed dependency on Mac OS for iOS application Automation.

AI Test Suite also helps identify performance issues with Battery, Memory, CPU, Throughput etc.

AI Test Suite supports Automation testing for all windows (thick client) applications created using Java/.Net/Legacy or any other platform. 

Perform Automation testing for all your web based (thin client) applications using AI Test Suite and see the difference with script less automation. AI Test Suite supports almost every web browser running across various operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows etc.

AI Test Suite has its own execution/scheduling engine to run automated scripts and it doesn’t require any third party tools.

AI Test Suite helps – improve Automatic test execution time by more than 40% and better utilization of available Test Infrastructure.

Few of the many reasons in AI Test Suite which leads to reduced Execution time are listed below:

 AI based approach to identify objects.

 Intelligent load balancing/allocation of test cases.

 Intelligent detection of test infra availability.

 Auto synchronization reduces time.

 Automatic Exception handling.

AI Test Suite has extensive reporting capabilities. Apart from generating standard reports like User Status Report, Execution Status Report, Test Verification Report, Blocked TC Report, Module stability reports etc. Users can create their own customized reports using its intuitive wizard as needed. 

AI Test Suite has the capability to publish interactive dashboards, provide Defect trend analysis and can distinguish errors vs failures. 

Users can directly get reports/notifications on their emails. 

Reports can be baselined in AI Test Suite and can be compared with different versions.

AI Test Suite has inbuilt change and version management system. It is very easy to maintain traceability across various test assets in AI Test Suite that stays in sync. 

AI Test Suite has automated change impact analysis and alert management mechanism. Change BOTs helps in reducing efforts in automated script management.

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